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Saint John Vianney has been happy to host a series of webinars to help our community grow in holiness, happiness, and well-being. We have brought together a number of experts - theologians, doctors, psychologist, pastoral leaders - to talk about many problems that can often prevent us from the living the joyful Christian life that God is calling us too. We invite you view our webinars and feel free to reach out to the parish office if you need additional help or resources. God bless you always!


Did you miss our webinar with Dr. Anna Pecoraro, a Catholic Clinical Psychologist? Dr. Anna gave us some great tips to manage worry and anxiety:

(1) Make friends with your anxiety
(2) Use relaxation techniques such as slow breathing while saying the "Jesus" prayer
(3) Replace cognitive distortions with true beliefs using the REBT self-help form
(4) Foster trust in the Lord through Scripture meditation

Marriage & Relationships

We brought together two experts to talk about healthy marriages and relationships both from a psychological and theological perspective.

Our Catholic marriage therapist advised on the 5 things that happily married couples do: (1) maintaining a 5 to 1 ratio of positive to negative interactions, (2) using the soft start technique, (3) praying together, (4) having an attitude of gratitude, and (5) "points of contact."

Our theologian reminded us of the awesomeness of marriage and the power of the words of consent.

Take a look at the webinar to review the rest of the important information!



Did you see our webinar with Neal Lozano, an internationally acclaimed speaker and founder of Unbound Ministry? We discussed the powerful ways that we can find freedom from whatever binds us. Whether we are bound by sin, compulsion, unforgiveness, woundedness, or abuse, God continues to offer us full and total freedom and recovery in Jesus Christ.


 SJV hosted a webinar with Dr. Mohamed Dattu, a Catholic Psychiatrist. Dr. Dattu explained to us the importance of being attentive to burn out and how to overcome burn out with physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual practices.



Our parish was happy to host a webinar all about our Patron Saint - John Vianney - with renowned expert Fr. Frederick Miller from Seton Hall University. If you missed the live event, you can watch the recording here!

Are you or someone you know interested in becoming Catholic or finding out about the process? This week, Matt Robinson, Director of Pastoral Services, and Mary Anne Monroe, Director of Religious Education, at Saint John Vianney hosted a webinar all about the process!


SJV brought together a panel of Catholic parents to discuss a number of helpful topics. We discussed:

(1) The ultimate goal of Catholic parenting
(2) Teaching our children the Catholic faith
(3) Parenting styles
(4) Parenting styles and relationship with spouse


We were happy to host a conversation regarding the vocations of the Catholic Church and how to properly discern them.

Our special guest, Fr. Bill Woody SJ, a parishioner of Saint John Vianney, who was preparing for priestly ordination at the time of the webinar, told us about his wonderful vocation story.

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