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Catholic Resource Page
"For Freedom, Christ Set You Free" Gal 5:1

Catholic Resources

The following local and national resources have been compiled to assist you in the pursuit of healing, holiness, knowledge, freedom, and union with Christ and the Church. They are categorized by Mental & Emotional Health, Marriage, Sexuality, and Family Life, Social Services, and Spiritual & Intellectual Life. If you are looking for a referral for a topic that is not listed here, kindly conact the Parish Offices. 

May our Lord bless you always in the pursuit of holiness and a deepening of relationship with the Triune God. 


Mental & Emotional Health

Resources for Addiction Recovery

NOTE: There is a 12 Step Recovery Program for just about ANY addictive substance or behavior. If you suffer from an addictive substance or behavior NOT listed above, simple Google “X Anonymous.”

  • Hope in Christ: Spiritual Support for Addiction, Archdiocese of Philadelphia website with Catholic spiritual supports for addiction and recovery (alcohol/drug, sex/pornography addictions, etc…)

  •, Catholic Social Services’ website with clinical and social service resources such as local treatment facilities, AA, NA and Al-Anon groups, insurance information, crisis support, and other services

Resources for Struggles with Pornography

Resources for Catholic Mental Health Services

Two Local Referrals for Parishioners in Need of a Catholic Therapist

Struggles with Suicide

Inner Healing & Spiritual Freedom

Marriage, Sexuality, & Family Life

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Catholic Resources for Those Experiencing Same-Sex Attraction


  • Catholic Church Teaching

    • The Catholic Church, based on Sacred Scripture, presents homosexual acts as a sin. Those who experience same-sex attraction are called to chastity, and through self-mastery and inner freedom, they are called to Christian perfection.

    • Despite their inclination, they are to be loved with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. All unjust discrimination should be avoided.

    • For the full summary of the Church's teaching, check out the Catechism paragraphs 2357-2359.

    • “A pure soul is like a fine pearl. As long as it is hidden in the shell, at the bottom of the sea, no one thinks of admiring it. But if you bring it into the sunshine, this pearl will shine and attract all eyes. Thus the pure soul, which is hidden from the eyes of the world, will one day shine before the Angels in the sunshine of eternity." - St. John Vianney

Resources for Those Struggling with Gender Dysphoria

Resources for Those Suffering from Divorce

Resources for Engaged Couples

Resources for Struggling Marriages

Healing from Abortion

Catholic Resources for Those in Need of Pregnancy Accompaniment

Grief & Loss

Fatherhood & Masculinity

Motherhood & Femininity 

Catholic Parenting

Catholic Teenagers

Catholic Young Adult Groups

Catholic Business Professionals

Social Services

Resources for Those in Need of Food and Shelter

Resources for Those Suffering Domestic Abuse


Catholic Resources for Those with Disabilities

Spiritual & Intellectual

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Prayer & Faith Formation Resources

Questions About Church Teachings

Catholics Who Have Been Away from the Church

Interest in Becoming a Priest or Exploring Vocations

Those Who Suspect Demonic Possession, Obsession, or Affliction 

  • Please contact the Parish Offices and ask to speak with the Pastor

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