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We are an active parish with great events taking place throughout the year! Some special events may be liturgical in nature (such as our Forty Hours Devotion), while others might be intellectual, pastoral, or social. We invite you to join us for our upcoming events!

Wed, Aug 4| 7:30 AM| Liturgy

Parish Patron Feast Day

On Wednesday, August 4, we celebrate the feast day of Saint John Vianney, our parish patron. We invite you to join us for daily Mass at 7:30 AM to celebrate the life of this great saint in the context of the Mass.

Last year, we hosted a webinar with Fr. Frederick Miller who is an expert in the life and spirituality of Saint John Vianney. A recording of the webinar can be viewed on our Pastoral Webinar Series page.

Let us continue to pray to our great patron saint for the holiness of our parish, our priests, and our families!

Saint John Vianney, you were blessed with a loving and devout family who supported your desire to increase your faith and devote yourself fully towards imitating the life of our Lord Jesus Christ. In your quest to pursue your holy vocation, you were not deterred by the many obstacles that came your way. Your strong faith carried you through all of life’s trials to your place in God’s kingdom.


Obtain for me the same courage and faith that allowed you to give all to God without counting the cost. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide me to the right decisions that will best serve God and my neighbor. I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


July 17-18 | 5 PM Vigil; 8:30 AM & 10:30 AM Sunday Masses | Mission Coop Appeal

Pontifical Mission Appeal

We welcome Fr. Patrick Bergin for our annual Mission Coop Appeal which will take place the weekend of July 17-18. Fr. Bergin will be speaking on behalf of the Archdiocese of Tabora, Tanzania.

The Archdiocese of Tabora in Tanzania was officially erected by decree on 25 March 1953 under the Missionaries of Africa (The White Fathers). It has an area of 30,000 square miles. It falls in West-Central Tanzania, East Africa, in one of the most rural and least developed of Tanzania’s 31 regions. The Archdiocese has established twenty-three parishes and numerous mission outstations where the faithful gather for worship. The Archdiocese also administers institutions, such as a University, colleges, secondary schools, health facilities
, and seminaries for the formation of clergy, religious and lay ministers as well as for the spiritual and material wellbeing of the family of God. Archbishop Paul R. Ruzoka is the third
indigenous Archbishop of Tabora. The Archdiocese has 71 priests and sponsors a large Congregation of Sisters, the Daughters of Mary. Over 50 young men are currently studying for the priesthood for the Archdiocese. In September of this Year, Tabora will host a national Eucharistic Congress for all of Tanzania.

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