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Broadly speaking, the liturgy is a public service, duty, or work. In Scripture, it refers to the religious duties to be performed by priests and Levites in the Temple, especially those related to the Sacrifice; in Christian usage among the Eastern Churches, it means the Eucharistic Sacrifice.

In present-day usage, liturgy is the official public worship of the Church.

From a theological viewpoint, the liturgy is the exercise now on earth of Christ's priestly office, as distinct from His role as teacher and ruler of His people. Christ performs this priestly office as Head of his Mystical Body so that Head and members together offer the sacred liturgy. Its function, therefore, is twofold: to give honor and praise to God, which is worship, and to obtain blessings for the human race, which is sanctification.

We are grateful that you could be with us at Saint John Vianney as we worship God with reverence, attention, and love in the Sacred Liturgy! 

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To find out more information about serving as a liturgical minister, please click here

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