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Caring for Friends - Our Partnership!

Saint John Vianney Parish is proud to partner with Caring for Friends as we support those in need within our community in accordance with the mandate of Christ to administer to the poor (cf. Mt 19:21).

Caring for Friends™, formerly known as Aid for Friends, is one of the largest food banks and most comprehensive senior meals delivery programs in the 5-county Greater Philadelphia region. The senior meals program serves over 5,000 clients, the majority of whom are homebound seniors and veterans. Through the food bank’s community food redistribution program fresh, frozen, and pantry stable food is delivered to faith organizations and community nonprofits to fill their pantries and support their group cooking events.

Saint John Vianney is proud to deliver upwards of 75-100 frozen meals a week to Caring for Friends in order to feed the poor in our local community.

How to get involved
Throughout the vestibules in the Church are located designated Caring for Friends trays. We invite you to take these trays home with you, fill them with frozen meals, and return them to the church. Frozen meals can be given to parish staff after any of our Masses or dropped off anytime to the Parish Offices. Each week, we deliver our collected frozen meals to Caring for Friends for distribution to the poor.

For more information, please contact the Parish Office at or 610-642-0938.

Thank you for supporting the poor in our community!

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